Nexus 5 not showing in ADB Devices on Windows 8.1


Here’s a problem I experienced today after attempting to use my Nexus 5 with ADB on Windows 8.1

After installing JDK and Android Studio, I then installed the Google USB Drivers via the SDK Manager and Enabled USB Debugging on the Nexus 5. But after connecting the Nexus 5 via USB it wasn’t detected.

TL;DR – Windows decided to default to an Acer driver, so using Device manager I updated it to the correct Google driver.

There are other reasons why your device may not be detected, but here’s how I fixed the issue I encountered.
In Device Manager, I noticed the Nexus 5 was detected as an ACER Composite ADB Interface.

Device Manager > ACER Composite ADB Interace

Now as I use Android Studio and I installed the Google USB Drivers via the SDK Manager (Tools > Android > SDK Manager) the drivers were installed into my Local AppData (C:\Users\James\AppData\Local\Android\android-studio\sdk\extras\google\usb_driver)

In Device Manager, I selected “Update Driver Software…” on the ACER Composite ADB Interface (Which is really my Nexus 5) and then selected “Browse my computer for driver software”. Once I was at the browse dialog, I entered the directory for the Google USB Drivers, but it just selected the Acer driver again. I went back through the procedure and this time selected “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”

Updating ACER Composite ADB Interface via Device Manager

I’m now able to select USB Composite device instead of the ACER Composite ADB Interface, and after this it worked fine. It was now detected in ADB.

Selecting USB Composite Device in Device Manager, and using the command adb devices

Hopefully this can help anyone else that encountered the same issue.

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