The firmware issues of Dell UP3214Q / UP2414Q A00 Monitors



12th September 2014

I have been using the OS X Yosemite Beta for a while now on a Late 2013 Mac Pro, and the UP3214Q A00 monitor has been working perfectly. While running OS X, I have not yet encountered any of the issues listed below. However, the power saving issue occurs every time I boot into Windows. After contacting Dell I was told that this was an AMD driver issue, and that the case has been escalated to AMD.

Whether you’re a pro photographer, video editor, graphic designer or just wanted an awesome 4K monitor, by ending up on this post, you’ve probably purchased a 4K Dell monitor (UP3214Q / UP2414Q) and are experiencing the extremely annoying issues. There is also a massive Dell Support Forums Topic regarding this.

I’m writing this post to collate information regarding the issues with the early firmware on these Dell monitors, in attempt to fix this frustrating problem for everyone. If you are wanting to purchase one of these monitors I would highly recommend you purchase it directly from Dell, as resellers will probably still have faulty revisions in stock.

The Issues

Firstly, let’s clear up what the issues actually are:

  • Entering Power Save Mode Even though there is an active input to the monitor, it really doesn’t care and just wants to sleep. This normally occurs either when you first turn on your computer or when switching between full screen applications. This is the issue that I have experienced the most, having to reboot/power cycle the monitor between 1-15 times for it to realize there’s an input.
  • 1/2 Blank Screen I’m not sure what causes this, some bug with the Multi Stream Transport when using 60Hz via DisplayPort 1.2

These issues seem to happen mainly when running Windows, but it did also happen sometimes when I was running OS X Mavericks. If you’re running Windows with an Nvidia GPU, try updating to the latest drivers, This minimized the occurrence of the Power Save Mode issue when switching between full screen applications.


There are currently 2 revisions of these monitors, A00 and A01. The A01 revision was released on 2/24/14 and has a new firmware that fixes these issues. Whereas the A00 will probably have an old buggy firmware.

You can find the revision of your monitor on the label located on the back of it, close to the ports. You can also find the revision on the side of the packaging box, but I would only trust what’s on the monitor.

Finding the revision number of you're Dell monitor


If you’ve already purchased the monitor and it’s the A00 revision, you have some options:

  • Return it to the reseller for a refund: If you have purchased it recently (Return period is 14 days in UK)
  • Wait for a DIY hacky solution: This is what I’m wanting to appear. It will probably include flashing the firmware yourself.
  • Return it to Dell for another model: If you purchased it within 21 days from Dell, I believe you’re able to get a new replacement, otherwise it will be refurbished. Apparently Dell are also flashing the new firmware to refurbished A00 models.

Verifying your Current Firmware

Now before we continue I’d like to state that I am not responsible for anything that might happen to your monitor by following this information, anything you do is at your own risk.

I believe that I’ve found a way to verify the firmware version on these monitors, which could also lead us into dumping/flashing the monitor’s firmware with ISP stuff (Hopefully), and this is with the Factory Menu.

You’re able to open the Factory Menu like so:


  • Make sure your monitor is powered off
  • Hold Button 2, Button 4 and the Button 6 (Power) until Button 1 blinks, this will boot the monitor up in Factory Mode
  • Now the monitor is on, just tap Button 1 to open the Factory Menu.
  • Once you are done with the menu, I would recommend turning off your monitor with Button 6 (Power) to prevent accidentally changing anything important.

Here’s what I got, I believe the number that I have outlined in red is the firmware version:

Maybe: A00 = M1T101 / A01 = M1T102
Dell Factory Menu

On The left is the replacement sent from Dell (Rev: A00, Manufactured date: Jan 2014, Firmware: 1019)
On the right is my old monitor (Rev: A00, Manufactured Date: Oct 2013, Firmware: 1003)


It would be great if any other owners of this monitor could comment or tweet me the model number, revision, manufactured date and firmware version of the monitor you have. Any other information that could help us with a DIY solution to flashing a newer firmware on these monitors would also be much appreciated :)

Dell are refusing to release any firmware files and the only current way to fix this problem is to continuously exchange the monitor with Dell until you get a good model (It took me around 2 weeks to exchange my monitor once).

  • Ante Vukorepa

    It looks like the version numbers are region-dependent.
    My A00 purchased in Croatia has 1104R (and is exhibiting all the usual issues).

    So i’m guessing the first two numbers are the region, and the latter two are the actual firmware revision.

  • Ante Vukorepa

    Oh, and also, this:

    “If you’re running Windows with an Nvidia GPU, try updating to the latest drivers, This minimized the occurrence of the Power Save Mode issue when switching between full screen applications.”

    … is incorrect. It was valid until version 340.52, which seems to have regressed. Versions prior to that one had a patch (by Nvidia) specifically for UP3214Q and UP2414Q (as claimed by an Nvidia employee on the Dell forums). They appear to have dropped it altogether in the latest version. Your best bet is version 337.88 (currently).

  • Ante Vukorepa

    One more thing…

    “This is the issue that I have experienced the most, having to reboot/power cycle the monitor between 1-15 times for it to realize there’s an input.”

    When that happens, i.e. when it refuses to detect an input despite multiple power cycles, it’s not the monitor (well, it is, but not directly), but your graphics card. After some number of failed handshakes, Nvidia graphics cards seem to refuse any further attempts to initialize that DisplayPort. Rebooting the *computer* helps.

  • Abir Burhan

    Hi James i got the same issue, asking dell to send me a A01 did you get yours replaced also? I get 2 monitors showing up on DP1.2 and none can go up to 3200×1200 or 3840×2160 at 60hz in DP1.1 it goes 3840×2160 but at 30hz. Am getting my A01 on Tuesday 12th Aug do you think this will fix the issue?

    • jmswrnr

      Hey Abir,

      Does your Graphics card definitely support MST ([email protected]), this may be another issue with A00 though.

      I did attempt a replacement, I asked for an A01 and got another A00 xD
      Hopefully you get a good replacement!

      • Abir Burhan

        Thanks for replying, if you can help it would be very very very nice. I got a Dell M3800 with aNvidia® Quadro ® K1100M, w/ 2GB GDDR5 the native laptop display goes to 3200×1800 and the DP1.2 mode on the monitor will make the UP3214Q have to split screens showing 2 1920×2160 screens split on the 1 monitor at 60hz. But will not let me turn 1 off and the other on with just 3840×2160. Do you think its the Graphics card?

        • jmswrnr

          Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the graphics card supports MST at 60Hz, I glanced at the Nvidia site and found: “All GeForce GTX 600 and 700 series GPUs can support 4K resolutions through DisplayPort.” It doesn’t specifically state that the mobile Quadro’s are not supported, but it’s not looking likely.

          I know that MacBook Pro’s prior to Late 2013 won’t support 4K at 60Hz.

          Here’s the Nvidia page I referenced to:

  • Michael Lee Finney

    I have a Dell U3014 monitor and I had many of the same problems. It wouldn’t wake up from sleep. Sometimes powering the monitor on and off would work, sometimes pulling the DP cable would work but frequently I had to reboot the computer. I also had frequent, but random, OS crashes. That all appears to have been resolved by 337.88 (using a 780 Ti card). I haven’t tried the 340.42 driver yet. Perhaps it is something generic to Dell’s monitors?

    • Michael Lee Finney

      I’ve been running 340.52 for several days now, and no obvious problems with wake-up from sleep or random OS crashes.

  • kurgan

    Hey man, i got this monitor last night, and it worked fine for 6-7h , than just dropped…. getting into power mode on random ,showing half screen,very warm on the back of the panel ( 2x more heat compared to dell u2713hm ) etc. i am just frustrated, i needed this desktop working area for work i cant explain how much , and its just waste of time and money and nerves ofc.

    I am using on 7990 hd gpu that have 5 monitor outputs support 1.2 dp, mini dp and so on….

    damn dell….

    • jmswrnr

      The heat is expected when using MST,

      The monitor is working fine for me on OS X Yosemite (A00 Rev),

      The power mode is an issue with AMD Windows drivers, they are apparently working on a fix, have you tried the latest beta drivers?

      • kurgan

        Ok about heat, i dont need to worry than .

        Well i am using win 7 :/

        I didnt tried latest beta driver, i am using old / recommended/ most stable catalyst driver 13.12 (13.251 ), i can try using new beta and see if it will work or no.

        Will drop update soon , ty for reply and your help.

  • kurgan

    For ATI/AMD users , look like i found solution to make this monitor work ( at least for workspace )@60hz.

    I did following:

    -made clean 13.12 install (used DDP to unninstall all driver’s)

    -after installation shutdown computer, w8 a while than turned on pc

    -when monitor turn on / windows start, switch in monitor menu to displayport 1.2 to enable 60hz

    -you will have split screen now (2monitors) , you need to use
    Catalyst Control Centar to enable Eyefinity do exactly like on this
    link ( search for Important 4k Consideration )

    -after you successfully setup eyefinity , you will have
    ONE screen and u will not notice 2monitors/halfscreens/and other issues
    when u enable 1.2displayport @60hz

    -after you restart your system, again you will get msg
    that displayport not working and resolution will change , you have to
    turn off displayport in monitor menu, than again to enable displayport
    and you will have 60hz native refresh rate with full 4k resolution and
    all works (without 2x screen/halfscreen and so on).

    Note: everytime u restart your system u have to
    disable/enable dp in order to have 60hz , so my advise is not to restart
    pc if you dont have to ( i work for 6-7h i restart on my own , and
    return to work )

    Note 2: This dont solve power/sleep mode issues , and if
    you play games , you will have power/sleep issues on random( for example
    when i start league of legendsfifa 2015 i dont have sleep power
    problems, when i turn CS : GO monitor show half screen and go to power
    mode every 2nd time ) . This tweak only enables you to work at 60hz .

    Hope i helped a little.

  • leek

    Background: I recently bought a UP3214Q at Fry’s with Amazon price matching (recently under $1300).

    The first one I got was A00, and it had a very strange flickering of the “Going into power saving mode” notification box when you tried to wake it out of sleep, almost as if it was caught in an infinite loop of going in and out of power saving mode. I’ll post a video of it later.

    I did not investigate the firmware version of the first monitor, since I hadn’t yet seen your page about going into Factory Mode to find it out.

    I exchanged the first monitor for another one, which was also A00 (Mfg. date December 2013), and it seems to have the “good” firmware revision of 1019R. I verified this at the store before buying it, and also verified that it woke up after a power saving without a blank screen and without this infinite loop of a “Going into power saving mode” box flickering.

    Here’s how I solved the problem of the screen’s resolution changing during monitor sleep, on Windows 7 x64:

    First, and I don’t know if this is required or not (I suspect not), I ran the Custom Resolution Utility by ToastyX (link below), and for the Dell monitors, I removed all “Standard resolutions” and disabled all “Established resolutions”, so that only 3840×2160 appeared in the “Detailed resolutions”. I tried deleting the pseudo-display NVD0000, but the NVidia driver keeps recreating it if it’s missing. I suspect that the instructions below would work even if we did not mess with overriding the EDID with INF files or with CRU. So I recommend trying the following first, and only running CRU if it doesn’t work.

    Here’s what really seems to fix it:

    Make a system restore in case something goes wrong and you need to restore previous settings. Go to Control Panel / System / System protection and click “Create”.

    Run regedit.exe.

    Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlGraphicsDriversConfiguration.

    Look for the Dell monitor configuration (DEL4093…). There might be more than one, but that’s okay. In my case, nothing but the key names and SetIds were different between the DEL4093 entries.

    Right-click on one of the DEL4093 entries, and select Export. Save the .reg file somewhere (I usually choose Desktop).

    While keeping regedit open, use your favorite editor (or Notepad) to edit the .reg file.

    Look for the SIMULATED_* entry next to the DEL4093 entry in the registry. Copy its key name by right-clicking on it and “Copy Key Name”.

    In the editor, change all occurrences of the DEL4093* name to this full SIMULATED_* key name. This will be in three key paths (…DEL4093*, …DEL4093*0, …DEL4093*00), and in the SetId.

    Save the .reg file, and then in regedit, Import the file (File / Import). (Or just click on the .reg file from Explorer.)

    Reboot your PC.

    What we are doing is telling SIMULATED_* to exactly match the high-res Dell monitor settings, so that if the PC loses the EDID signal from the UP3214Q when it goes to sleep, then it will not change resolution from the Dell settings to the default 640×480.

    See these pages for helpful information and/or tools:

    • Guest

      Two weeks now, with no problems. I never see a split password screen; I never see applications scrunched up in the corner; and I never see 640×480 mode (except during boot). The worst is that _sometimes_ I have to power cycle the monitor by pressing its lighted front power switch twice before it is willing to wake up out of a “deep sleep”. But other than that, it works perfectly.

    • Bao Nguyen

      Hi, I can confirm that plug in HDMI cable together with DP will solve the problem 100%. However please do not choose to “duplicate these displays” as it will also limit the DP to 30hz. Instead choose “Disconnect this display” for the HDMI instead then you’ll be able to get 60Hz on the DP side. This is on Windows 8.1, i’m not sure about OS X.

  • Maximilian Bornmann

    Thanks for the article, it helped me with my purchase decision. Yesterday I received my, unfortunately A00, Dell UP2414Q. I could return it and get my money back as I have found a shop (that delivers in my country, Germany) that guarantees an A01 revision. My firmware version is 1122R, manufacturing date is October 2013. Would you say it is worth making the exchange? On OS X (tested on 10.9.3 and Yosemite PB3), everything behaves perfectly. On Windows 7: Weird half screen issues, weird wake-up issues (I’m on a late 2013 MBPR with 750M). Now I’m not sure wether these issues go away with Windows 8.

    Edit: I have only managed to play games at 1920×1080 using an HDMI cable. Does anyone know wether this changes with Rev A01, so it’s possible to play games at the aforementioned resolution using DP?

    Another edit: I just checked the manufactured date on the back of the monitor – there it says February 2014, so it differs from the box.

    • Peter Bechtold

      As stated above, I would recommend to keep it as it is.
      To my knowledge, A01 only adresses (if at all) the wake up and half screen issues, but does not change HDMI behaviour (at least no one ever mentioned anything in that direction).

  • Peter Bechtold

    Thanks for setting up this site and collecting all the information which prevented me last minute to get rid of my UP3214Q.
    I bought it in May and really loved it from day 1 – certainly the best display I ever had. It’s an early A00, built in Oct 2013, FW 1003.
    BUT – I have suffering from wake-up-from-sleep issues all the time.
    It’s running on a Mac Pro with 10.9.x, and now Yosemite. The half-screen issue happened only once to me.

    Only because of James’ remark that for him Yosemite works fine, I gave it another try – and bingo. It does work without issues.
    I didn’t try an exchange, didn’t want the hassle and the risk of getting a worse display.

    So, if you run Yosemite, enjoy!!


  • Morten Aasheim

    A02 – September 2014

  • Ante Vukorepa

    “After contacting Dell I was told that this was an AMD driver issue” — That is a lie. If it’s an AMD driver issue, it’s also an Intel driver issue and an Nvidia driver issue. Even if it really were an issue with drivers, if it’s an issue with drivers for *all* three graphics adapter brands in existance, then that’s quite obviously DELL’s problem.

    However, no, it’s not a driver issue – their monitor does not handle the DP handshake properly on wakeup. Some drivers can handle this, some cannot, but that’s not due to an issue with the driver – it’s due to Dell not adhering to standards.

  • Jeff McDougal

    I just got mine a couple of days ago. I am not having any issues so far and it is version A00 manufactured in Jan. 2014. The firmware version is 1019.
    I connected both DP 1.2 and HDMI cables so when using the monitor I am on DP and when I want to get into the bios I log off and change inputs to HDMI and reboot. Then I see the bios and all of the post processes. Then I switch back to DP when I get to the login on Win 8.1. I was also told just having an HDMI cable physically connected will solve or slow down the half screen/wake up issues.

    I am using the Nvidia 344.48 drivers on SLI Titans. Let me know if you want full system specs. This is the most spectacular display I have ever had or seen. All my games run on Ultra settings with v-sync enabled and they run like butter. I am coming from a U3011 Dell monitor. The Ultrasharp monitors while being expensive have never had any backlight bleeding or dead/bright pixels for me.

    Hopefully this one will keep running good and Dell to start allowing people to flash their firmwares. It would be nothing for them to release the FW file and a flash utility.

  • Per Hassel Sørensen

    My new 3214Q is having the sudden sleep/narcoleptic problem big time.
    When it happened the first time I researched the web for info on this problem, found this page and notified Dell that I needed a new monitor with A02 firmware. I even sendt them your the web adress.
    Unfortunaltely, Dell seems to have deteriorated to a mediocre organization where nobody cares. I now have my THIRD monitor and even if they got it in writing that I needed A02 they all have A00 firmware and been made in February 2014. The second monitor goes to sleep immediately while the third needed to warm up a few hours before the problem showd up.
    I have a brand new AMD Radeon R9 270+ graphic card with GPU BIOS and Catalyst 14.9 driver version running on Windows 8.1.

  • Paul Packard

    I have same issue up2414Q on displayport of Asus x87 motherboard at 60hz.
    I notice when I set it at 30hz the problem goes away.
    I am using the onboard HD 4600 with latest drivers so it is no an AMD issue.
    Other issue is no BIOS over DP which means I have to connect HDMI to access.

  • Accidental

    Unlike most who purchase this monitor, I’m not a technically inclined graphics professional; I just want a large monitor with 4K resolution. The monitor I’m replacing is a 24 inch Dell Ultrasharp that I purchased in 2006. It was state of the art back then, and has served me without problems for 8 years.

    I took delivery of my UP3214Q today, aware of the firmware issues, but expecting that by November 2014 I would receive a REV A01 given that the firmware problems had been resolved (at least by Dell) over six months ago. Naturally I was seduced by’s considerably discounted price, so I didn’t order directly from Dell. My heart sank when I received my monitor and it was a REV A00 manufactured in November 2013 in China.

    I have two laptops: a 2012 Vaio VPCZ2390X with 1920 x 1200 resolution running Windows 7 64 bit; and a brand new Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro running Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit. The Lenovo’s native resolution is 3200 x 1800, but when I connect it to the UP3214Q, it claims to output at full 4K (3840 x 2160). The Vaio uses an Intel HD3000 and the Lenovo uses an Intel HD5300. Both are outputting to the UP3214Q at the resolutions stated earlier without problem so far … bearing in mid that “so far” is only a few hours. Both are connecting via HDMI, with the Lenovo connecting at only 29hz with staggered animation, although it operates at 60hz on the built in screen at 3200 x 1800 with fluid animation. Both the computers and the monitor have come in and out of sleep a few times without any of the problems mentioned here or on the Dell forum. One “problem” that I am experiencing that I haven’t seen described elsewhere is that when my monitor goes to sleep, the illumination of the power button flickers.

    I’ve tried James Warner’s method to enter Factory Mode, but my Button 1 doesn’t blink. The monitor just cycles through different screen colours: specifically green, blue, black, white, red … and back to green again. I can’t seem to enter Factory Mode or identify what firmware version I have. Is it possible that the fact that I haven’t experienced problems, and the fact that I can’t enter Factory Mode, means that I have different firmware? Or maybe I’m not experiencing problems because I’m not pushing my monitor to its limits with my hardware.

    I consider my monitor to be a long term investment (relatively speaking within the technology space) and I expect that I will soon have hardware with full UHD, display ports and the graphics cards to drive it. I would hate to find out only then that my monitor is compromised. My situation is compounded by the fact that I intend exporting my monitor shortly to an African country without Dell support … if I encounter problems at that point, I’ll truly have an unwieldy paperweight. Obviously the prudent course of action is to return my monitor within the statutory 14 day return period, but without having experienced any problems yet, it does seem a little counter-intuitive. How long does it ordinarily take for users to start experiencing problems with their UP3214Q’s?

    If anyone here would be gracious enough to provide me with a little advice, I’d be much obliged.

    Thanking you in anticipation

  • Per Hassel Sørensen

    As a comment to my previous posting. I have now tried the third Dell UP3414q monitor on my workstation at home. This PC which runs 64 bit Win 8.1 pro is equipped with NVIDIA Geforce GTX770 card and has the latest drivers per 14. November 2014. I connected via Displayport cable. The monitor did not wake up from sleep on this one year old NVIDA card so there is definitely an major compatibility issue on this monitor also with NVIDIA. This third monitor unfortunately also has to go back to Dell.

  • King

    I’m still facing this issue of half screen and power saving mode even with the new yosemite 10.10.1

    i have the Rev. A01… I’m running dual screen, 32″ and 30″… when the 32″ is off… the 30″ changes its resolution to 1024×768! not sure why it does this… its so odd…

    so now I’m stuck with the 32″ not waking up or showing half screen which i had to turn off and on and that causes all the apps to be resized down to 1024×768 which i had to resize again when the 32″ turns on… quite annoying

  • jacques lacasse

    dec 12 2014 using Windows 7
    I tried with no success to know what firmware revision I would get If I order it today direct from Dell
    Is this firmware issue now resolved?
    A message to DELL : Although you don’t admit it we know there was a problem with the first units produced. I will delay buying this UP3214Q superb monitor until I get confirmation that issues related to early firmware are resolved. Can anyone reassure me?

  • Paul Pena

    A friend is using a UP2414Q REV A02 and its still experiencing these same issues.

  • Guy

    I’ve just got a A01 from Dell after sending the A00 back. I’m getting the sleep issue and I’ve got 0226R as showing as the firmware version… Doesn’t seem to have been fixed. Just incase this is helpful to someone

  • wouter

    here model A00 on the back. But it says “R1019R” in the factory window.
    I do have wakeup issues with macbook pro, monotor staying black. But I had the impression this is a macbook pro issue since rebooting usually brings it back to life. Also had half-screen-black issue one or two times in half a year or so,

  • Avendit

    All, I think I have an almost DIY-hacky solution. More a workaround than full fix, but is saves wear and tear on the reset button so hopefully will help some.

    First we accept that the problem is monitor video card syncing. That seems clear in that windows thinks it is outputting one big picture, but you are seeing either nothing, or a half screen. Rebooting the monitor doesn’t help, but people have reported success with particular branches of video card drivers with specific code built in to handle this monitor. So… what if we reboot just the video card?

    I’ve found that deleting the video card (not monitor) in device manager and allowing the PnP system to re-add it does this and brings the monitor back to life. First time I did this was with a second monitor plugged in, but I have since automated it. Its recovered the monitor a handful of times now.

    To automate it I used SciTE-Lite windows macro software (just because it was first on the list on wikipedia, any similar software would do the same) to open device manager, move to the display adapter, delete it, pause 10 seconds and initiate a scan for new hardware. This all has to run as admin so you have to use a scheduled task trick to get past UAC being annoying. I then made a shortcut to the script from each user’s desktop and set up a shortcut key combo.

    Any time the screen gives up on me I just need to crtl-alt-g and the graphics card is re-initialised without a reboot.

    Down side is that windows are mostly re-sized to 800×600, and firefox crashes every time (but recovers OK). Seems OK otherwise tho.

    Now I just need to work out why starcraft will run at 4k res on one use account, but not another.

    Thanks James for collating what is here. Unfortunately I didn’t see your post before buying the monitor so got it from amazon. I then didn’t realise the depth of the problem in time for the 14 days. I could get a swap probably, but it seems there is little point if they still have A00 just now.


    • Mirwan

      I appreciate your solution. It took me almost a year to find the best possible working solution right now.
      Thanks a lot.

      • Avendit

        No problem. I have since found that win 10 handles the issue much more politely. Since upgrading I’ve not had an issue that couldn’t be sorted by power cycling the monitor. Still suffer the same issues, but easier to fix.

  • Barus

    I received my new DELL UP3214Q rev. A03 2 days ago. I confirm problem still exist.
    I will contact with DELL next week to inform them “problem still exists”. Shit … monitor for 2500 EUR …
    Firmware version 0226R M1T103.
    Manufactured: February 2015
    Monitor was delivered directly from DELL

    • Klaus

      I have exactly the same one – also with the same problem. Did you change your monitor and does it works now? I bought mine in June… maybe I have your old one.

    • tormaid

      I have that firmware/model as well… I guess it’s time to give Dell Support a call. Dammit, this makes me mad.

  • sam

    Hello, you say there are 5 buttons, but I have UP2414Qt that has no buttons at all. Could you please advice what is wrong?

  • pgudge

    #diggingupthepast I bought a UP2414Q about 8 months ago, had all these issues, put it down to buying it off eBay, I moved on and put up with it. I’ve now bought another, and guess what, same thing :( First monitor was a A01 (Feb 2014), the new one is A03 (Dec 2014) and still has this issue, in fact since plugging two of them into my 980GTX it seems to have gotten worse. I also have a Samsung SyncMaster2443 plugged into the DVI port and that always wakes.

  • Patryk Marek

    Did anyone managed to get to factory mode menu by holding :Hold Button 2, Button 4 and the Button 6 (Power) ?
    I tried for a minute or more and no luck ?

    I bought module without labels in the back and dell refuses to fix my monitor even if i want to pay for this service looks as i bought a brick that issue with making it work driven me crazy :-) i need to conect some times 3 times a display port to my laptop to make it work in full resoultion.

    And what is more interesting when i move window around screen in right side i see some times black artifacts :) i’m ipresed who can sell that piece of sh…. to customers.

  • Mirwan

    After trying so many solutions offerred I found out the best solution is the one offered by Avendit in the post below. Simply create a macro as described by him and create a shortcut on the desktop and assigned a shorcut key by entering it in the properties.

    Thanks a lot for such a simple and working solution.

  • Jullus

    My monitor has A01, but from the beginning it has the well known troubles to awake from sleep. I visited many forums and tried several tweaks. It was so frustrating that I swapped a Radeon R7 250 to a dull, but more solid, Firepro W2100 graphics card. It gave some relief: “Sleeping Beauty” no longer haunted me than a few times per week. Having read this non-documented, routine suggestion at the Dell forum, I also changed the DP-port cable for the same (normal to mini) kind, with no effects. As a last resort, last week I bought a (so called) professionally graded cable with normal sized connectors. To my disbelieve, dismay ánd utter happiness, this seems to be the kiss that the monitor needed to react normally and awake when required. It may have been an issue with the mini DP-connection, or the cable itself. More time to test this new set up will tell if we can call it a happy end after all – though this poor design issue and lack of any intelligent support would not easily let me forgive Dell…

    • Артем Tema

      Hello, Jullus. I have the monitor like you (and the same revision) and i have the same problem. Please, can U tell me the model of a new cable for your monitor? My “Sleeping Beauty” need a kiss (or a kick)!

  • calebr

    so i dont know if anyone else has seen this symptom before. I received my monitor after dell could not fix my old one and they replaced it with this one. I was happy cuz this was a huge upgrade. HD to 4k AWESOME. It worked for about 3-4 months before it wouldn’t stay on for more than a minute or two. I thought it was some kind of loose connection. I notive that if i move the monitor up and down on its stand and tilt it back and forth when it goes black, it will come back. Then it will go off, and we kinda have this horrible loop. I have tried most recommendations below and none seem to have worked. Im just curious about why my adjusting the screen seems to help it sometimes. Thanks!

  • ekessle23

    Hi. I have read through this and am years late to the start of this discussion, but I could really use some help.

    I have the UP2414Q version A03 with an April 2015 sticker on it. I got it refurbished in August 2015.

    It had worked with the occasional split screen issue that would fix itself with a power off and on until two days ago when it went dark on me.

    When I turn it on a couple of different things happen.

    First, it’s always all black. No indication that there’s anything going on.
    Then, either the power button is the only button lit or the 5th button

    I can’t get into any diagnostics whatsoever.

    I was using the monitor with a GTX 745 running an older version of Nvidia driver. I upgraded to the latest driver and that did nothing.
    I was connected via HDMI.

    In addition, it was my second monitor used as an extension off of the main desktop. It was my photoshop/lightroom monitor.

    Any advice on how to get this to not be a paperweight would be awesome as I can’t exactly afford to purchase a new monitor of this caliber