About JamesΒ Warner

Creative Web Developer

29 Feb 2024


Hey, I'm James Warner πŸ‘‹

Originally a software engineer that later developed a strong creative side. I've worked professionally in the web and video game industry for over 10 years, utilizing advanced 3D and motion graphics to deliver magical experiences to millions of people. I bridge the gap between product, design, and engineering to lead cross-team initiatives for the latest technologies, practises, and workflows required to create cutting-edge experiences.

I'm passionate about:

  • 🍩3D web-based experiences
  • πŸ”£User experience & accessibility
  • πŸ”’Application & network security
  • πŸ‘ΎPixel art & video game design

My current mission is to:

  • πŸŽ“Inspire and teach at scale
  • πŸš€Push the limits of 3D web-based technology

Outside of tech, I've been spending my time:

  • β˜•Brewing coffee
  • 🌱Gardening
  • 🎸Playing guitar
  • 🌢️Making hot sauce


I'm frequently asked about the things I use, so here's a list!

My go-to web stack:

I also use:


Code Editor

Right now I'm using:


Office Setup:

Custom Workstation PC:

Custom Keyboard:

Audio Gear:

Camera Gear: